About Us

We are a company that takes great pride in our work and understand that downtime is expensive. As code is developed, a lot of effort is spent making sure the customer and others will also be able to understand the code. The key to getting the equipment back up in operation is to understand how the machine runs and what is needed to repair it. Over the years we have programmed many applications in the United States and all over the world. Many customers with machines built decades ago are still being used today.

Some things that make us different:
Understanding the hardware

A good understanding of what the code is actually doing is essemtial. The software is executing extremely quickly, from synchronized logic scan times in the milliseconds to newer asychronized processors with can times in the picosecond range. With these speeds, it is paramount to know what processes are occuring and how they are affecting outputs. Our experienced programmers are able to not only understand the speeds and limitations of the hardware, but also apply that knowledge in order to make a machine run efficiently.

Staying up with new technology

This is sometimes hard to accomplish in today's busy life, but we try to spend time throughout the year attending training and meeting with other programmers.

Design changes along the way

We take time to make sure the machines we program operate the way that is desired by the customer. From conception to installation, we work with operators to make enhancements and improvements to the operation of a machine. Our programmers code flexibly, allowing us to cater to the unique needs of every project.

Organization of code and screen layout

For a machine to be easy to troubleshoot, the code must be short, simple and well organized. Code is broken down to subroutines based on parts of the machine. To understand a part of the machine, you should only need to look at a small part of the overall logic. Screens are laid out so similar buttons remain in the same location from screen to screen. The screens are reviewed over and over again; making sure items listed are clear and not repeated over and over again.

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