Allen Bradley

We have programmed multiple applications using Allen Bradley hardware, and have attended multiple automation fairs. Some of these applications have included multiple axis, cam tables, X/Y/Z movement, (with data imported from Microsoft Excel) and high speed registration mark processing.

Products we have programmed:

SLC100's (Allen Bradley's first PLCS's)
PLC2's and PLC5's
SLC500 series, 501-505's
MicroLogix series

PAC (Programmable Automation Controllers)

Control Logix (along with ENBT and SERCOS cards)
Compact Logix

IO (In addition to common inputs and outputs)

Flex I/O
Point I/O (Ethernet)
1747-ASB (Control Logic PLC talking with multiple racks of I/O and analog cards)


Kenetix 6000 (coordinated motion along with high speed registration mark processing)


1336 Impact
Powerflex Drives, 4, 40, 70's using 20 and 22 comm-e, along with indexing mode, torque mode, & min-max

Operator Interfaces

Dataliner message display (One of the first operator displays programmed)
Dtam - DH-485, communicating to SLC processors to change
PanelView +, using FactoryTalk view studio
PanelView Component

Active-X communication drivers, bypassing RS-linx for high-speed data transfer to a PLC application (10ms time frame)

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