Omron has been around for many years. We started programming with the C20K, which required a hand-held programmer. Printing of code required a separate module that would print to an RS232 dot matrix printer. Any comments were then written on the printed pages. Load/save of the program was completed by a cassette tape recorder.

Things have changed since then. Over the years we developed many machines using the C200H series PLC's, CQM1's, and CJ2's. Omron has a common software package called CX-One, which we have, that programs most of what Omron has to offer.

Besides the PLC's they have available, we have programmed multiple displays, servos, and a few PC based applications using CX-Supervisor.

Omron project sizees have been from sing PLC with a couple I/O points to multiple PLC's with remote racks and expansion racks all sharing data on controller link networks.

We have had many projects that utilized the built in motion on the CJ1 processor along with adding additional motion using the NC position control cards.

Omron's Mechatroling II communication card provides great coordinated motion for multiple axis applications.

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